India Emerges as the Most Populous Nation and a Growing Tourism Force

India Emerges as the Most Populous Nation and a Growing Tourism Force

India Emerges as the Most Populous Nation and a Growing Tourism Force

We all know that India is one of the world’s most populous countries. Now it’s grabbing the attention of the world not because of its population but also because of its growing influence in almost every sector. One of the biggest industries, the Tourism industry is getting a boost too. 

By 2024, Indians are expected to spend more than $42 billion per year as reported by experts. Omri Morgenshtern, CEO of Travel and Bookings have also stated that the tourism industry is getting a “boom”

Investment Plans of India in the Near Future:

India is not only focusing on and growing via an increased number of Indian Travelers, but it is also investing hundreds and billions of dollars in the aviation sector. Expansion of the Aviation sector and making improved infrastructures are the main focus right now. 

For the construction and modernization of airports, the government has announced to investment of $11.9 billion. Noida Airport will also be Asia’s largest airport and will be functional by 2024. 

To make a potential amount via the travel and tourism market, the country is trying to ease out visa policies so they may get more flights. India will not only host tourists but there are many European countries that have got a flood of Indian tourists. 

Effect of Neighbours Like China on Indians’ Travel Sector:

Although China is dominant in the outbound travel market. But now India’s travel industry is getting boom. This is all because of new policies and differences made in the aviation sector. As you might know that the Chinese state government controls both frequency and volume of routes. But India has several competing airlines that make it more challenging to develop new flights anywhere. 

Because of Southeast Asian tourism boards, there will be diversity in the tourism market. And the development in the Indian Aircraft sector will reduce the big amount that heads towards China for an Asian tour. 


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