“Europe’s Summer Tourism 2023 Surge: Crowds, Prices, and Creative Adventures”

"Europe's Summer Tourism 2023 Surge: Crowds, Prices, and Creative Adventures"

“Europe’s Summer Tourism 2023 Surge: Crowds, Prices, and Creative Adventures”

By the start of summer, the European summer for tourism is now started. The continent is having a flee of tourists. Many tourists are arriving after the long lockdown break and popular places are already crowded now. Moreover, the travel frenzy will reach intense levels in the coming months. 


What is the expected percentage of tourists coming to Europe in 2023?

According to surveys based on bookings, there will be a 55% increase in American tourists this year as compared to 2022. Perillo Tours who is New Jersey-based tour agent for Italy has also mentioned the high demand for bookings. Even 96% of annual departure for this year is already booked. 

Even travel insurance providers have predicted a 55% increase in American tourists who will visit Europe this year. The most popular cities that are already crowded by visitors are London, Dublin and Paris. 

The SkyRocketing Prices Because of Tourists to Europe:

Because of high demand and more tourists visiting Europe, the prices are getting high. Airfare to Europe has almost reached 5 years high. The round-trip tickets are almost over $1200.

The prices of hotels in busy cities like Dublin, Stockholm and Paris are also raised. But these prices cannot stop tourists from visiting their favourite parts of Europe. The museums, public places and every important place are already crowded. 

Why Paris is Again a Favourite Tourists Spot in 2023?

Although Paris is worth visiting, popular TV shows like “The White Lotus” and “Emily in Paris” have also made a huge boom this year. It is worth noticing that places and cities that were in these shows are already having a lot of tourists. 


We must say that Europe Summer Tourism in 2023 is above the imagination. But the overcrowding of spaces and the surge of visitors may disrupt the local communities. 


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