“Surf Abu Dhabi: Setting Records and Making Waves as the World’s Biggest Wavepool”

"Surf Abu Dhabi: Setting Records and Making Waves as the World's Biggest Wavepool" Abu Dhabi's Hudayriyat Island 

“Surf Abu Dhabi: Setting Records and Making Waves as the World’s Biggest Wavepool” Abu Dhabi’s Hudayriyat Island 

The Prominent property developers, Modon Properties, have announced an ambitious project on Abu Dhabi’s Hudayriyat Island. It will the largest man-made pool on the island. This biggest pool will be named Surf Abu Dhabi. This destination is a collab with Kelly Slater Wave Co and will be known for its cutting-edge technology.

The opening will be by the end of 2023. It will be the biggest surfing hub known internationally. 

Unprecedented Scale and Design:

The design and scale of Surf Abu Dhabi will be unrivalled. So, it will be a global attraction. The standout feature of this pool will be the colossal size that meets the expectations of current industry levels. 

The specific details are still not disclosed publicly. However, the pool will be on an expansive area of 51 million square meters, dwarfing the 2,300-foot (700-meter) long Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California.

Surpassing Boundaries and Creating Records:

Surf Abu Dhabi promises to deliver the longest ride in the world. It will allow the surfers to experience an exhilarating and sustained wave-riding adventure. Moreover, there will be the biggest barrel featured in the wave pool that will enable the riders to embrace the thrill of adventure.

A Platform for All Skill Levels:

Surf Abu Dhabi is going to cater for all needs of a wide range of surfers from beginners to professionals. There are expansive fasciitis that will be providing ample space for practice and development. It will foster the growth of the regional, local and global surfing community. 

Hosting Major International Events:

The capabilities and size of Surf Abu Dhabi make it an ideal location for hosting all major international surfing competitions. As it will be the largest wave pool, it will accommodate large-scale surfers as it will also promote tourism and travel. 


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