Qantas Plans Ultra-Long-Haul Flights to Break Records

Qantas Plans Ultra-Long-Haul Flights to Break Records

Qantas Plans Ultra-Long-Haul Flights to Break Records

Qantas, the Australian airline, is making a comeback with ultra-long-haul flights, signaling the resurgence of international travel following the devastating impact of the Covid pandemic. Recently, Qantas introduced a new route connecting New York and Sydney with a layover in Auckland, New Zealand, using Boeing 787 Dreamliners instead of the previous stop in Los Angeles. However, Qantas is now aiming for even lengthier journeys: nonstop flights that span from Sydney to both New York and London, boasting a duration of approximately 20 hours.

Advantages of Nonstop Flights:

Due to nonstop Air Flights, the passengers won’t have inconvenience while travelling. Because of the discovered three routes, the travel time will also be reduced by6 almost 3 hours. As Qantas has been working with sleep scientists for almost 8 years. This result in a detailed study of studying passenger moods, sleep patterns, and food intake in order to minimise the issues of jet lag. 

Qantas’ Ultra-Long-Range Airbus A350-1000 Planes:

The new n0n stop flights are going to be operated by Qantas by6 using ultra-long-range Airbus A350-1000 planes starting in late 2025. There will be seating capacity of almost 238 passengers. There are 12 planes already ordered for a seamless experience.

Luxurious Cabin Features:

There will be 6 enclosed first class suites that will provide a table for two, a reclining chair, a 32-inch touch-screen television, and a 2-metre flatbed. There will also be 52 business-class suites with lie-flat beds, 40 premium economy seats, and 140 economy class seats. A “Well being Zone” is also expected to be featured that will offer handles for stretching, on-screen exercise guides, and refreshments and also a Complimentary Wi-Fi. 

Challenges and Future Outlook:

While ultra-long-haul flights have become technically feasible thanks to improved engine efficiency and aircraft design, they continue to encounter economic obstacles. Qantas remains optimistic about the feasibility of its ultra-long-haul flights and anticipates a complete recovery of its international capacity by March of the upcoming year.


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