China Anticipates Travel Surge During Holiday Season

China Anticipates Travel Surge During Holiday Season

China Anticipates Travel Surge During Holiday Season

June 20, 2023: There is a big increase in inbound and outbound passenger traffic as noted by The National Immigration Administration (NIA).  The upcoming Dragon Boat Festival Holiday in China is expected to have a flood of tourists. 

The expected travel boom will be over 1.4 million daily nationwide. This will be a three-day holiday that will be starting this Thursday. 

There will be a more than double daily average of 1.28 million passenger flows as compared to last year. The airports like  Beijing Capital International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport are expected to have a passenger recovery with daily averages of 28,000, 51,000, and 23,000. 

Regarding the number of people entering and exiting Guangdong, Macao, and Hong Kong, it is projected that the ports of Gongbei, Luohu, and Futian will handle approximately 320,000, 178,000, and 152,000 journeys per day, respectively.

The expected surge in travel activity can attribute to the holiday season. So, there will be plenty of opportunities for families and individuals to visit their loved ones and explore both local and international travel. 

As Covid is no more, the travel restrictions are quite less. Despite the increasing travel activity, it is crucial to emphasize that COVID-19 precautions and safety measures will remain in place to prioritize the health and safety of travellers. Stringent health protocols, including the mandatory use of masks and adherence to social distancing guidelines, will be strictly enforced at airports and other transportation hubs to minimize the potential transmission of the virus.

The anticipated surge in travel during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday not only indicates a resumption of normalcy for the tourism industry in China but also provides a positive outlook for the global travel sector as it steadily recovers from the effects of the pandemic.


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