Exclusive Update About Trevi Fountain Travel

The Trevi Fountain is one of the most emblematic monuments in Rome, but also one of the most crowded , so visiting it is not always a pleasant experience.

As with Park in Barcelona, ​​we can end up overwhelmed and disappointed with so many people around. The latest data from 2018 already spoke of 450,000 tourists visiting the fountain every month, and 1,200 visitors per hour stopping in front of it to take a photo or toss a coin. A gesture that currently collects between €3,000 and €4,000 a day , almost one and a half million euros a year.

Given this panorama, can we have a moment of calm? Yes, applying the fantastic trick that the tiktoker Diego Ayús has revealed to us . The same guy who figured us out how to avoid being overcharged for coffee in Italy , so if you’re thinking of visiting the Eternal City, following his account is highly recommended.

The secret consists in accessing the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica , which has its entrance on the side of the palace, and usually schedules different exhibitions with free admission . From its windows we have an exclusive view of the square and the fountain and, what is best, a moment of tranquility, which in Rome is always appreciated.

The sample that appears in the video, “ Le Marche. The uniqueness of multiplicity ” lasts until May 28, and is dedicated to the famous figures of this beautiful region in all fields: sports, music, science, art, etc.

Upcoming exhibitions can be checked on the Institute’s Facebook page or on its official website , although the latter does not always work. They may not be too enthusiastic about promoting themselves, which is appreciated if we pay a visit and manage to be left alone , like our TikTok guide. It is also very likely that this situation will not last long.

Another option is to visit the Trevi Fountain at night , in the purest Anita Ekberg style in the Dolce Vita, but do not rule out meeting at least a hundred people who have had the same idea. In Rome (almost) everything is a matter of luck.

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