Best Beach in The World To Travel With Your Dog

Seeing dogs having fun on the beach is a sight that always makes me smile. Playing with the sand, bathing, jumping or running at maximum speed in all directions… They are so happy, finally enjoying a space without limits, that they want to take them with them every day.

But it’s not something they can do anywhere. The regulations depend on the Autonomous Communities and the Town Halls, although, in general, they have restricted access to the beaches from May to September.

Fortunately, not in all. There are more and more beaches on our coasts to go with a dog , and at Red Canina they have prepared an updated map on Google Maps , where it is possible to locate them quickly and easily

Alicante, the province with the most beaches for dogs

If you are thinking of a coastal destination for your next getaway, the graph is very clear, Alicante has been crowned as the dog paradise, with 11 dog beaches , available all year round.

It is the province with the most in Spain (if those that are pending in Elche are confirmed), spread over eight locations, including Caleta dels Gossets , in Santa Pola , Agua Amarga beach in Alicante and Punta del Riu , in El Campello, ideal for small dogs or those who prefer calm waters.

They are followed very closely, in the list of beaches for dogs in Spain 2023 , Barcelona , ​​with 10; Balearic Islands , with 9; and Murcia and Malaga , with 8 each.

Checklist for a perfect beach day

With more or fewer options available, our furry companions can enjoy the sun and the sea all along the Spanish coast . Of course, with precautions.

  • Plenty of fresh water and a drinking bowl. Don’t let your dog go thirsty, because if he gets to drink salt water it’s something neither of you will ever forget.
  • Bags to collect your stools.
  • You
  • Leash and collar . Even if you let it loose, you may need to control it in some situation.
  • A toy that floats in the water, to launch it to infinity and beyond.

Finally, a recommendation that works for humans and canines: no exposure to the sun in the hottest central hours, between 12 noon and 6 p.m. Even so, an umbrella is always appreciated. And before going back to the accommodation, which is pet-friendly of course , it’s worth rinsing ourselves well in the shower to remove the salt and sand.

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