Mistakes To Avoid While Getting Coffee In Italy

Italy is a wonderful country, we all know that. However, it is also one of the destinations that has lived with mass tourism for the longest time and, in some areas, the owners of bars and restaurants are true experts in the art of emptying visitors’ wallets.

The Sicily that Jennifer Coolidge fell in love with during the filming of ‘The White Lotus’
A few months ago, a traveler who publishes her adventures on TikTok already alerted us to the danger of ordering a sliced ​​pizza in Venice , where it seems that the prices are per slice, but in reality they refer to only 100 grams , so you just costing triple.

This week another tiktoker is warning us about what not to do when ordering a coffee in Italy , so that they don’t charge us more than double.

It should be noted that many Spanish bars have a terrace supplement, but going from €1.50 at the bar to €3.90 at an outside table for an espresso , as shown in the video, is something that is not usually seen around here, and on the other hand in Italy it is more common.

Imagine if instead of a coffee you only ask for a cappuccino , or a complete breakfast, the difference is getting more and more itchy. In the end, you could end up like those two poor Japanese tourists who were charged 429 euros in a restaurant in Rome for two plates of spaghetti and two bottles of water, or the Colombians who paid more than 800 euros, also in the Eternal City . for an ordinary meal.

Guarcena family publicly denounced a scam to which they were subjected in the Vatican. Colombians had to pay a million-dollar sum for a lunch. The restaurant has more than two thousand negative comments on the internet where they are accused of being a scam. pic.twitter.com/Kb8M0wpwph

When reviewing the menu you have to look carefully, that the price of the meat is not by weight, that the pasta includes the sauce, and that the bread is not worth more than a Dolce & Gabbana bag.

Finally, remember, the coffee, better at the bar. And if you also want to look like an Italian coffee connoisseur , don’t miss our guide on how to order a coffee in Italy without looking like a jerk .

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