Avoid Scam in Naples While Travelling

In Naples the food is very good and, in general, the prices are cheap, so it is normal that this Canadian tourist was so surprised with the sandwich that they served her to take away in a pizzeria.

The best thing is that, since she was hungry, the girl decided to go back to the pizzeria for “revenge”. He stood in front of them to ask for explanations and, of course, he also uploaded a video.

The conversation is not heard very well, but the faces of the employees are a poem. It does not give the impression that they are very used to people coming to complain, and it is something that we should do more often so that these things do not happen.

Luckily, Emily’s story had a happy ending and they exchanged her joke bubble for another XXL size.

As you can see at the checkout, the establishment is called Concettina, and browsing her Instagram I found these photos of what the panino should be like:

Although it still looks small, it seems much more elaborate and appetizing, with three textures of carrots: cream, steamed and chips, Fior di Latte cheese, olives and extra virgin oil.

Taking into account that the pizzeria is listed in the 2023 Michelin Guide, perhaps it is a gourmet product, which would justify its cost, if it hadn’t looked so bad in reality.

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