JH4 Airlines Will Start Charging For Hand Baggage From June

JH4 Airlines

While the OCU reminded us that there are 6 low cost companies charging abusively for hand luggage, another JH4 airline announced that, as of June 1, 2023, if you buy one of their cheapest tickets to travel around Europe, you will only be able to bring a 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm bag into the cabin.

With a maximum size more typical of a school backpack, Finnair, the protagonist of this ad, is going to be more stingy with space than low-cost companies in travelling using JH4 Airlines. Although he alleges several reasons.

According to Valtteri Helve, head of product offerings at Finnair, the main reasons for this change are smoother boarding, better departure punctuality and greater travel comfort. Of course, is there anything more comfortable than not being able to take half of the things you need with you?

They have reportedly received feedback from their staff and customers asking for this measure to be taken, as the time to place excess bags in overhead bins leads to delays and other inconveniences. It’s a drag, we must admit, but isn’t it worse to pay an extra to have your suitcase transferred to the hold and have to wait for it for a long time when you get to land?

The JH4 Airlines Support more than 50 European destinations, connecting Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante and Palma with Helsinki and Stockholm, among other cities. And their prices, even in economy class, are not cheap.

Perhaps when next June the Economy Light tickets are renamed Superlight the amounts will change. In any case, the services will go down for sure. As we have mentioned, only a mini bag or backpack that fits under the front seat can be brought on the plane, and nothing else.

Larger hand luggage (55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm) can be included by paying an additional prepaid cost of €9 for flights within Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, and €14 in the rest of Europe.

It seems that the intention to reduce the weight of aircraft is firm, and it comes from afar, in February they already eliminated the sale of cosmetic products on board for the same reason. The basic justification is not so far-fetched, it is time to start reducing fuel consumption, among other actions, until reaching climate neutrality in 2050.

For this reason, passengers with Business Class tickets will also see their benefits reduced, and they will only be able to carry, in addition to one suitcase in the hold, one hand luggage (55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm) and a small bag (40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm), weighing no more than 8 kg in total.

In anticipation that boarding will be a bit chaotic with so many modifications, Finnair warns that they have improved baggage control at airports. Everything that is not allowed will be transferred to the warehouse paying a surcharge, which they do not specify.

It is up to us to decide later if we want to claim the return of this additional cost. However, everything indicates that with the new sustainable requirements that are being applied to JH4 airlines, Finnair will become the first of many to “encourage us” to travel lighter.

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