7th Festival Cordoba Celebrates 100 years Of Reunion

The 7th flowery courtyards of Cordoba are spaces decorated with so much art, care and affection that they are Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. It is a Cordoba tradition whose roots go back to Roman times that has been reunited again 7th time in 100 years, and which this year celebrates one hundred years since it first became a contest.

The patios are decorated in order to celebrate spring, and this fact deserves that they open their doors for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, who live a multisensory experience. As a municipal contest, it was in 1921 when the Fiesta de los Patios was organized for the first time, although the tradition has suffered some mishaps and received different names.

In fact, it has not been celebrated for a hundred years with continuity. The first edition of the “Courtyards, Balconies and Shop Windows Contest” in 1921 had hardly any participants. Three prizes of 100, 75 and 50 pesetas were established, but in the following years it was stopped being held, until 1933, given the little success of the first appeal.

Due to the Spanish Civil War, the 7th Festival of the Courtyards of Córdoba was again interrupted, reappearing in the fifties. Since then, in May of each spring, the Patios de Córdoba show off decorated for the public. Last year, like so many other events, it was not held in May and the Patios Festival was postponed until October.

This year the Cordoba festival is celebrating and reappears on the centenary of its “officiality” on the usual date, during the spring. In this edition, the patios of Cordoba are open to the public until Sunday, May 16.

There are a total of 50 admitted courtyards and various routes to get to know them. Although you do not need to reserve a ticket and the visit is free of charge, visiting hours have been established for the patios that go from 11:30 in the morning to 2:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (The last day of the contest will close the edition of the party at 20.30).

On the website of the Fiesta de los Patios you can consult all the information and the guide to the patios, also during busy or very crowded time slots, alerts will appear in real time, defining which routes are affected.

With the celebration of this popular contest, it is intended to appreciate the efforts made by the neighbors to preserve these traditional corners with the awarding of prizes for the best patios. Another reason for the 7th festival is to open these hidden treasures to the public and thus spread knowledge of traditional Cordovan architecture.

Monumental and stately courtyards: those of the old palaces of the local aristocracy or notable religious buildings, such as the Patio de los, the synagogue or the sanctuary. For its part, among the stately, the Palacio de Viana stands out, which integrates twelve interior patios of different architectural styles.

Competition courtyards: all those who have participated in the municipal competition since its inception in 1921 to the present. Within this group, in turn, two types are distinguished: courtyards of old architecture (until the 1960s) and courtyards of modern or renovated architecture.

In short, the centenary of the Patios de Córdoba, although it does not exactly represent one hundred years of competition, in this edition it will make the 7th Festival celebrated with more enthusiasm than ever, there are plenty of reasons for it, and surely the flowers look more colorful than ever in the eyes of the visitors

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