Window Shopping Harry Potter Store in New York

United States, immunity from vaccines is making them start to live at full speed, so among the things to come, there is less left for the opening of the Window Shopping Harry Potter store in New York.

In a setting as magical as the place where it is located, in Manhattan, this coming June 3 will open its doors to the world’s largest store in the Harry Potter universe.

Because fans are clamoring for these kinds of things and they want to be able to buy wands while watching the one Harry used in his movies. The perfect place to let your imagination travel and dream of all the magic.

The new Harry Potter flagship store is located in one of the most emblematic places in all of New York, at 935 Broadway, next to the Flatiron Building and occupies three floors.

In addition, given its size, the store will also have access through Fifth Avenue. We certainly can’t think of a better place for magic to invade the Big Apple.

Upon arrival at the store, all travelers will receive a Window Shopping statue of Fawkes, Dumbledore’s phoenix that will watch over and protect everyone.

Made especially for the New York store, it weighs almost 100 kilos and is one of many pieces made to measure so that the visit to the store leaves everyone speechless.

But that statue of Hawkes, in wood, is not the only one that will be in the store, because in one of the many sections there is also one of the bird with its wings spread and with its luminous orange plumage in full splendor. And it is that this store is more than 1900 square meters that are divided into 15 thematic areas for all tastes.

What is clear is that the entire store will have perfect corners for fans to get their dream photos: they will be able to pose in front of the faucet in Dumbledore’s office, inside the Ministry of Magic phone booth, or next to one of the boots. from Hagrid.

Each of the different spaces in the store is made to delight fans of the saga and is a kind of museum store. All wizards, witches and Muggles who walk through its doors will find the largest collection of products from the wizarding child’s literary universe, with its themed areas, exclusive content and interactive experiences.

Regarding the latter, two immersive multiplayer VR experiences will be available this summer, which will be location-based and will help you explore this entire world in a way never before possible. In Wizards Take Flight you must always have your wand ready and your senses alert as you fly on a broomstick facing Death Eaters over London and Hogwarts.

In Chaos at Hogwarts, witches and wizards will embark on a journey to Hogwarts Castle, where magical creatures will greet them and discover surprising secrets.

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