Singapore Airlines Has Introduced Free Wi-Fi

singapore airlines

From July 1 onward, customers will be able to browse and surf without the normal fees or data limits thanks to Singapore Airlines’ decision to join the small group of airlines providing free on board Wi-fi to all passengers.

In-flight internet has long been a cumbersome add-on fee that, if it’s even accessible, is usually more bother than it’s worth and is normally only available to those who pay for a first-class or business traveler ticket.

The wealthy city state’s flag carrier has noticed that this has never made passengers happy. To enjoy the free Wi-fi, passengers must join the airline’s no-cost loyalty program.

Despite the fact that time spent online has decreased since Covid lockdowns, when consumers were frequently stuck. According to We Are Social, a UK company that measures web and social media use, the world’s 5 billion regular internet users were still reading and surfing for more than six hours a day in 2022.

The number of passengers flying is also increasing. The International Air Transport Association estimates that in April 2023, passenger traffic was back to 90% of pre-Covid levels, indicating that the world is on track to return to the 4.5 billion passengers carried in 2019, the year before the pandemic began and travel restrictions were imposed.

Combining the two, it becomes clear that airlines like Singapore Airlines are attempting to persuade passengers by offering free Wi-Fi. The greatest airline in the world is Air New Zealand, with Singapore topping first-class travel.

Yeoh Phee Teik, senior vice-president of customer experience at the airline, stated that “in today’s increasingly hyper-connected world, high-speed in-flight Wi-fi connectivity is one of the most important requirements for our customers.”

Similar to the few other airlines that provide free Wi-fi, such as Qatar Airways and Delta Air Lines, passengers will need to sign up for the airline’s free-to-join loyalty program in order to access the network.

129 of Singapore Airlines’ 136 aircraft, with the exception of seven Boeing 737-800 NGs that it claimed are “not Wi-fi enabled,” would be covered by the deal, the airline said.

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