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KTB is working on diversifying the country’s tourism product KTB is working on diversifying the country’s tourism product

Kenya Tourism Board to Create National Events Calendar

Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has asked county governments to discuss formulating a national events calendar that will help attract more tourists to their respective regions.

Betty Radier, CEO, KTB, said the calendar would help to complement Kenya’s traditional wildlife safari and beach tourism products, adding that cultural, sport and food festivals should be included into the calendar to help people plan to attend the events.

County governments are now required to identify two tourism products that will be packaged as national attractions by KTB.

“We need to create experiences that are unique to various regions and boost their value via engagement of local communities,” said Radier. “Only then will we attract investments, create jobs and increase earnings for local communities.”
KTB is expected to make social marketing investments where various events and features across the country will be used to promote Kenya as a destination.