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Leo SITA Baggage Robot Leo SITA Baggage Robot

SITA Showcases Futuristic Technology

On November 07, at FTE Asia EXPO 2017, SITA, the IT provider to the air transport industry, showcased technology for airlines and airports to efficiently manage the Asia Pacific market growth.

During the EXPO, SITA’s technology was discussed by leaders in the industry, including Brisbane Airport’s implementation of SITA Smart Path, allowing passengers to make their way through checkpoints at an airport by simply looking into a camera.

SITA also unveiled its airport robots KATE and Leo, which autonomously checks-in passengers and their baggage, designed to move themselves to areas of the airport where, and when, their services are needed to help relieve overcrowding. SITA’s technology showcase also featured the Airport Management system and SITA’s award-winning use of mixed reality in airport operational management.