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The US Global Entry scheme is one of the world’s best – WTTC The US Global Entry scheme is one of the world’s best – WTTC

US Tourism Economy the World’s Largest – WTTC

The US tourism sector economy continues to be the world’s largest even though its growth is lower than other destinations, new research from World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) suggests.

In 2017, WTTC reported that travel and tourism generated USD1.5 trillion for the US economy, more than any other country, while US tourism also ranked number one for gross domestic product contribution and visitor exports.

In 2017, the sector supported nearly 14 million jobs and over USD200 billion of exports. “Our research shows that travel and tourism directly supports nearly twice as many jobs as the banking sector, eight times more than the mining sector, and six times more than the automotive manufacturing sector,” noted Gloria Guevara, CEO, WTTC.

However, WTTC also noted that, while travel and tourism equalled total US economy growth (at 2.3 percent), 2017 global tourism growth outpaced the economy for the seventh year running and significantly outpaced other countries’ economic growth.

“The data suggests that the US is not getting its fair share,” Guevara said, suggesting the US government do more to promote the country as being open and welcoming, while also being secure.