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Himalayas Himalayas

Asia’s Mountain Tourism to Attract Millennials

Mountaineering creates opportunities for the development of the tourism industry in Asia’s mountainous regions, especially among younger visitors, according to GlobalData.

Transformative travel grew rapidly in 2017, as a result of the increased awareness about the negative impact of human activities on the environment. Moreverover, a prioritisation of experiences over ownership of goods has resulted in travellers, especially millennials, moving away from mass tourism and instead seeking deeper travel experiences.

GlobalData’s consumer survey from the last quarter 2017 showed that 20 percent globally are interested in adventure/sports tourism, with 34 percent of millennials being likely to book such a holiday.

Konstantina Boutsioukou, tourism analyst, GlobalData, commented, “The Alps, as well as mountains in the US, have traditionally been among the favorite destinations for mountain climbers”