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Machine Learning Key to Growing Australia’s Cruise Industry

Cruise operators are increasingly offering bite-sized breaks along the coast of Australia for domestic travellers keen to explore the island continent.

GlobalData’s ship technology writer, Varsha Saraogi takes a look at this growing market and how cruise lines can capitalise on it.

Saraogi said, “Cruising has become the quintessential modern holiday with an estimated 32 million passengers taking to the seas globally in this year, according to Cruise Lines International Association s (CLIA) predictions. In particular, Australia love of cruise ships has continued to grow at a significant pace, with a total of 1,240 cruise ships visiting the country in 2018.”

He added, “Cruise tourism also contributed AUD3,5 billion to the Australian economy in 2018, a faster growth rate than the US and Europe and an increase of over 11 percent from the previous year, according to the latest report by CLIA Australasia and the Australian Cruise Association (ACA).” 

GlobalData’s travel and tourism analyst Johanna Bonhill-Smith also commented by Saying, “With the key leaders within the cruise industry involving Australia on an array of itineraries, cruise tourism in the destination plays a significant role within the overall tourism industry. However, it is imperative to use modern technologies such as machine learning to capture the likes and dislikes of their customers.”

Bonhill-Smith concluded, “If cruise owners are to capitalise on the growing numbers they must prioritise personalisation as well as focus on the experience economy. Around 85 percent of Australian travellers are now always, often and somewhat influenced by how a product is tailored to their needs.”

Tour operators should be looking to fully understand their market base through data analysis in the search to provide that ultimate personal experience. 