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Network Growth for Hahn Air Group in 2017

Reporting network growth of over 16 percent, 2017 proved successful for the Hahn Air Group.

Despite the challenging times for the industry, the distribution specialist integrated a total of 46 new carriers into its network of air, rail and shuttle partners, enabling them to be ticketed on the Hahn Air HR-169 document in over 190 markets.

In 2017, the HR-169 product was chosen by 29 additional partners. Airlines that signed an interline agreement with Hahn Air, such as Flair Airlines from Canada or La Compagnie from France, enhanced their distribution strategy to include ticketing on the HR-169 document under their own designator. One unique partner is the UK-based high-speed rail operator Eurostar. Hahn Air Systems, a subsidiary of the Hahn Air Group, also recorded expedited expansion with 17 new partners.