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Cyprus Airways Upgrades to Amadeus Altea

Cyprus Airways has completed the upgrade to its new passenger reservations system.

The Amadeus Altéa Suite is a next-generation airline IT system that will help Cyprus Airways enhance customer experience by delivering more consistent and personalised customer service, develop new revenue streams, and improve operational efficiency.

The migration to Amadeus Altéa reservation system will also ensure that Cyprus Airways can meet passengers’ needs in future as the airline continues to grow.

This reservation system will help Cyprus Airways to maximise booking and revenue growth through wide-reaching distribution channels. Amadeus-connected travel agencies will now have the unique advantage of instant visibility to any changes affecting an Altéa airline booking, meaning they can better service their customers, and assist the carrier in achieving its business goals.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our passengers’ experience at every stage of their journey, and that includes the booking process. Our customers' expectations are changing at a rapid rate and moving to Amadeus will allow us to not only meet, but exceed these expectations in the years ahead,” stated, Natalia Popova, chief commercial officer, Cyprus Airways.