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Christopher Allison, Hahn Air Christopher Allison, Hahn Air

Hahn Air’s NDC Platform Connects Five New Partners and Accepts BSP Cash

Hahn Air announced that its IATA certified NDC platform now accepts BSP Cash as an additional form of payment for connected travel agencies in more than 190 markets worldwide. At the same time, the company introduces new connections to three air content aggregators, an OTA and an award-winning travel app.

The aggregators Duffel, Thomalex and AirGateway now enable travel agencies to access content from Hahn Air’s NDC platform featuring Hahn Air’s over 350 partner airlines. This includes the ability to shop for, price, pay, book and ticket their customers’ chosen itineraries.

 Innovative UK-based software start-up Duffel provides the connection to Hahn Air’s NDC platform to its international customer base, among others, the fast-growing French OTA Ulysse and the Chilean travel management start-up Milla. US-based Thomalex is an online booking platform for small and mid-sized travel agencies, OTAs and TMCs.

 AirGateway from Germany can be used by any travel agency worldwide, whether IATA accredited or not. Also joining the portfolio of Hahn Air’s NDC partners with a direct connection are German online travel agency and the innovative personal travel assistant, App in the Air.

 “We are very proud to see our NDC platform developing rapidly and we are very pleased to be working with such innovative partners as Duffel, Thomalex, AirGateway, and App in the Air”, said Christopher Allison, head of NDC, Hahn Air. “In the coming months, we will continue to connect more agencies, aggregators and partner airlines to our platform and introduce new features such as enhanced processes for itinerary changes and schedule changes as well as additional support for ancillary services. We believe that NDC will play an important role in overcoming the current industry crisis caused by COVID-19.”