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Recent studies reviel that  long nature vacations can increase lifespan Recent studies reviel that long nature vacations can increase lifespan

Recent Study: Long Nature Vacation Can Increase Lifespan

Health seekers who have been visiting historical Lithuanian resort in Druskininkai for more than two hundred years did not need a proof of what scientists have published recently - there is a direct link between holidays in nature and longer life.

A recently presented Helsinki Businessmen study which followed 1,222 male executives from Finland for more than four decades, found that those of the participants who improved their lifestyle eliminating one or more risk factors but had taken vacations lasting less than three weeks prove to have a 37 percent higher chance of dying between the age of 50 and 80 than those who were used to taking three-week long or even longer holidays.

Science also says that a vacation is even more effective on the overall health if it is spent in nature. For example, doctors in Scotland prescribe nature to their patients in order to improve their blood pressure, reduce their risk of heart disease and strokes or improve their overall mental health. Nature prescription contains information of how getting outdoors can contribute to an overall treatment strategy along with some ideas about what to do during the actual fresh air therapy.

Long before the benefits of lengthy vacations and nature therapy gained such extensive scientific proof and proper attention from the healthcare professionals, numerous European resorts have accustomed to combine the perfect conditions for their guests to spend long holidays in direct proximity to nature.

Such a place could be a SPA town of Druskininkai, located in Southern Lithuania. Since 18th century, Druskininkai has been world-famous for its mineral water springs, curative mud and pine tree forests. Today, Druskininkai is the largest SPA town in Lithuania that offers a whole-year outdoor adventures along with SPA experiences, rehabilitation and healing treatments.