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S7 Airlines Positive Passenger Traffic

S7 Group airlines have reviewed the results of their operating activities for October.

In the month under review, the airline companies carried 1,199,585 passengers, which is a 7.8 percent increase over October 2016. 892,692 passengers have taken S7 Airlines domestic flights, which is a 9.4 percent increase over 2016. The growth on international destinations has amounted to 3.5 percent, carrying 306,893 passengers.

The passenger turnover increased by 7.2 percent and amounted to 2,436,520 passengers/ km and the cargo turnover increased by 6.9 percent, resulting to 230,961 tonne-kilometres.
β€œ[...] We have noted a significant increase in the number of domestic flights as it’s the peak of the business season and passengers are making more business trips. S7 Airlines continues to develop its regional route network [...],” noted Igor Veretennikov, director, commerce, S7 Group.