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Most Brits Struggle to with Sleep While on Holiday

Research carried out on behalf of Princess Cruises has revealed that 70 percent of UK tourists have said they frequently struggle to get a good night’s sleep while on holiday.

The most popular reason given was being too hot or cold, which affects over half (55 percent) of them.
Meanwhile nearly one in two (45 percent) are unable to sleep due to an uncomfortable bed, which is common across all age groups and in particular the over 55’s (55 percent).

Other causes were irregular bedtimes (27 percent), having an afternoon siesta or nap (15 percent) and jet lag (15 percent).

The findings also reveal that, despite holidays being the perfect time to unwind, sleep in and relax, almost one in four (23 percent) employees take at least a week off per year just to catch up on sleep. This equates to around a quarter of their paid leave.

And one in five (21 percent) employees do not take their full annual leave entitlement. Heavy workloads (40 percent) and not being able to find time (31 percent) were the main causes.

The research also showed that Brits overall are more sleep-deprived than other countries surveyed. 66 percent of are getting less sleep than required on an average night, which ranks the poorest when compared to the likes of the US, Australia and China.

To help combat substandard holiday snooze, Princess Cruises has collaborated with sleep expert, Michael Breus.

As well as providing hints, tips and guidance to guests on getting better sleep, Breus has helped develop the Princess luxury bed, which combines his scientific knowledge with the latest comfort technology to ensure a good night;s rest.