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5000 ‘Trees of Hope’ to be Planted by Giovani Group, Cyprus

By March 21, 2020, on International Forest Day, 5000 ‘trees of hope’ will have been planted in the whole region of Famagusta by Giovani Group in Cyprus.

This initiative is part of our social responsibility programme in which corporate members, large volunteer groups and local entities will take part in tree planting, thus communicating the need forgreen awareness.

To this end, open letters of invitation have been sent to municipalities of the Famagusta region, with the aim of creating an organised campaign which will support and integrate local entities in a joined effort to determine certain locations and areas for tree development, as well as kinds of trees which will be able to grow properly in the selected environments.

“Our planet is going through its most challenging period, as our actions have negatively impacted the environment, thus causing serious consequences”, said Antonis Antoniou, operations executive, Giovani Group. He continued by saying that the environmental crisis is a reality we can no longer ignore.

“It is sad that we unconscionably destroy the planet through our everyday actions. Unfortunately our planet will continue to exist for millions of years with or without humans. Therefore, what should be our utmost priority right now is what we can do to safeguard our survival without abusing our planet,” concluded Antoniou.