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eRevMax Announces Strategic Alliance with Kenyan, RevSol

Kenya based hospitality technology expert RevSol has partnered with hotel distribution technology leader eRevMax to offer RateTiger as a preferred channel manager to its affiliated properties. The agreement makes RevSol the official provider of RateTiger in the region.

Revenue Solutions East Africa, popularly called RevSol, focuses on providing hotel solutions including PMS and revenue management solutions to help hotels increase efficiency, lower costs and improve performance. Through this new partnership, RevSol will now be an exclusive distributor of RateTiger Channel Manager, Rate Shopper, and other technology solutions that eRevMax offers.

RateTiger will enable RevSol access to new customers, while a local presence with RevSol in East and Central Africa will be beneficial for RateTiger to expand and service a new local market without having to open an office in the region. The partnership will propel us towards creating a better brand awareness for both companies, in the process building brand trust for RevSol and RateTiger. With the elevated expectations of the hotels in the region because of the local presence and office, both RateTiger and RevSol will have to raise their game to a higher standard,” said Brian Mulamba, hotel revenue strategist, RevSol.

RateTiger, powered by LiveOS, provides rate shopping, channel management, booking engine and online distribution solutions to hotels worldwide.