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Top Booking Destinations for March Spring Break Revealed by Hotelbeds

Hotelbeds, one of the world’s leading bedbank, has announced the most booked destinations for Americans based on its booking platform data for this March Spring Break season.

As per the latest data report from the Hotelbeds booking platform – which is used by travel buying intermediaries such as travel agents, tour operators and points redemptions schemes – for this year’s March Spring Break, Orlando leads the report as the most visited destination at a worldwide level for Americans during this period.

Orlando is followed, in descending order, by Las Vegas, New York, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, London, Miami, New Orleans, and Cancun as the most visited cities.

Filtering the rankings at an international level, the top five destinations for Americans during the month of March has Rome in the lead, followed by Paris, Barcelona, London, and Cancun.

Looked at from a local level the top five ranking destinations are Orlando, closely followed by Las Vegas, New York, Miami, and New Orleans.

While Los Angeles did not make the cut for this year’s top 10 travel destinations and was replaced by New Orleans in Hotelbeds’ latest booking report, Los Angeles still remains a very popular destination among American travellers, falling behind to New Orleans by only a small amount of bookings, and taking the 11th spot on our ranking this year.

Meanwhile, the biggest source markets for travellers visiting the US during this March Spring Break period are Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Brazil, and Canada – all in descending order.

According to the US Travel Association, China is considered to be the most notable source market in terms of its growth in the international rankings, going from the 22nd largest source market in the year 2000, to third largest currently, and projected to be the second largest in 2019.

According to the booking data from the Hotelbeds platform, Chinese travellers account for almost three percent of all bookings made into the US – during this Spring Break period, the company registered an increase of nearly 40 percent of Chinese outbound bookings into Orlando, the most visited destination for March Spring Breakers this year.