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Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta reveals the top travel trends for US travellers in 2021

What do Lima, Osaka and Lisbon have in common? These were all trending destinations for US travelers in 2019. Fast-forward to 2020's trending list: Lincoln, New Hampshire. Lake Havasu, Arizona. The Hamptons, New York.

Whether it was by necessity or design, it's clear Americans spent 2020 exploring small towns, scenic drives, nearby lakes and beaches, or in some cases, their own backyards. Now, released its 2021 Travel Trends Report, analysing traveller data to uncover the biggest takeaways from an unprecedented year, and what travellers can expect in the year ahead.

In addition to tapping into its own massive database of search and demand data, this year Expedia partnered with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) for a deep dive on the effect of the pandemic on air travel. 

"It is no secret that air travel changed this year in ways we have never seen before, but people are still flying, and they will continue to fly. We are keeping a close eye on these changes to help travelers get the most from their journeys," said Chuck Thackston, managing director, data science and research for ARC. "Expedia and ARC are teaming up again to get to the bottom of what's changed and equip travelers with new trip-planning insights to use when they do fly again."

Highlights from the report include:

  • Air travel trends and hacks
  • Traveller priorities in 2021
  • The top trending destinations of 2020
  • All the islands (and other dreamy destinations) on travellers' 2021 bucket lists

"What we learned by looking at traveller behaviors in a year as unusual as 2020 is that travel will always be an integral part of our lives," said Christie Hudson, senior PR manager, Expedia brand. "Travellers responded to the uncertainty and restrictions by finding ways to safely explore closer to home, and the result is a bigger emphasis on flexibility and a list of trending destinations that are inspiring and attainable for the year ahead."