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US Average Overseas Tourism Expenditure Per Person Reached USD3,580 in 2021

With an average spend per resident amounting to USD3,580, the US source market is projected to be the most valuable globally in terms of average overseas tourism expenditure in 2021, according to GlobalData’s latest forecast.

A leading data and analytics company notes that the willingness of the US market to dedicate significant amounts of its disposable income to international trips could help to drive the recovery of many destinations across the globe.

GlobalData’s latest thematic report, ‘Premiumization in Travel & Tourism (2022)’, reveals that within the top 10 outbound destinations for the US market in 2021, six would be classed as long-haul destinations, due to the average flight time being more than six hours.

The heightened demand for long haul destinations is driven by the substantial levels of disposable income that many US travellers have. In fact, the US has more millionaires than any other nation. In 2021, the number of US citizens that were worth USD1 million to USD1,5 million is projected to be 237,4 percent more than China which has the second highest.

Ralph Hollister, travel and tourism analyst, GlobalData, commented, “The average length of stay for an international trip from the US market was 18 days in 2021, showcasing that Americans will stay in a destination for a lengthy period of time. This point adds to the attractiveness of US travellers for destinations across the globe.”