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Costa Rica Launched Plan to Suppress Carbon Emissions

Costa Rica has launched an unprecedented plan by which the country aims to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

With this new initiative, the Central American country strengthens its global leadership in sustainability and fight against climate change.

The National Decarbonisation Plan outlines a road map to follow for Costa Rica to achieve zero carbon emissions in 31 years - by 2050. The ambitious plan features ten focus areas with very specific goals to achieve decarbonisation, broken down in four key sectors: transport and sustainable mobility; energy, green building and industry; integrated waste management; and agriculture, land use change and nature-based solutions.

The plan, for instance, establishes that 100 percent of the country will have solutions for the collection, separation, reuse and disposal of waste by 2050; and that 100 percent of the public transport system will be zero emissions by that year. These ambitious measures will not only require the involvement of the Costa Rican Government and the private sector but also the whole society to make it happen.