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WTTC and World Economic Forum Reinforce Partnership

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC and the World Economic Forum (WEF), recently announce a reinforced partnership to promote the importance of the sustainable growth of the global travel and tourism sector.

The strategic partnership will see enhanced collaboration between WTTC and the WEF, with the overall aim of advancing the Safe & Seamless Traveller Journey programme, a major priority for WTTC, developing and advancing projects to increase travel and tourism competitiveness and sustainability, supporting one another’s work relating to the future of work, and collaboration with regards to crisis and resilience.  

Collaboration between the two organisations will take the form of shared information and mutual collaboration, which leverage their respective areas of expertise, to produce forward-looking major reports, mutual support for events and conferences such as the WTTC Global Summit, which will take place in Cancun Mexico in March of this year, and the creation of information sharing channels. 

The first major part of the collaboration will see WTTC joining the CommonTrust Network which will provide a crucial mechanism for states and industry to agree on a harmonised, standards-based trust framework for health status verification to restart travel and advance coordinated efforts to support the recovery of travel and tourism.