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Travellers’ Bucket List of Insta-Worthy Luxury Train Journeys Revealed

Travelling in 2020 was unachievable for most, but if the pandemic has given travellers anything, then it is a larger sense of wanderlust, and hope for this year.

With more and more destinations being added to travellers’ bucket lists every minute, and with inter-railing being one of the best ways to travel and see sights at the same time, analysed Instagram hashtag volumes to reveal which popular, luxury train journeys around the world travellers love to post about the most.

The most Instagrammed luxury journey is Switzerland’s Bernina Express, which follows the route through the Swiss Alps into Italy. With windows spanning the entire walls of this train, there is no missing the picturesque views of the mountains. There are a total of 64,296 hashtags for this magnificent journey! Despite this, a single adult standard ticket will only set you back approximately GBP52.

In second place is Scotland’s Jacobite train journey, made famous as the train that transported Harry, Ron, and Hermione to Hogwarts. There are currently 43,292 documented hashtags for this journey, and an adult standard ticket will set you back GBP43.

The Trans-Mongolia journey is in third place; the luxury train The Golden Eagle is the train that most frequents this route, with 35,713 hashtagged posts.

Rounding off the top 10 is The Marrakech Express in eighth place. A Moroccan route which covers hundreds of miles all the way from Casablanca to Marrakech and has inspired both songs and films alike, with just 5,156 related hashtags.

 In ninth place is the Eastern & Oriental Express, described by the operators as ‘a fabled journey through the exotic East’. This train travels from Bangkok to Singapore, stopping at wonders like River Kwai Bridge and Kuala Lumpur. Despite these historic sites, the Eastern & Oriental Express has only 4,433 hashtags on Instagram. It is quite expensive, with fares of approximately GBP2,163.55.

Travelling from London to Paris, Verona and Venice, the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express ranks 10th, with a total of 4,430 posts on Instagram. With fares starting at GBP4,000 per passenger, this journey is the most expensive of the list. This train covers all routes that the original Orient Express did, including Paris-Istanbul.

Other popular train journeys that didn’t make the top 10 are New Zealand’s Northern Explorer (4,021), the Heart of Wales Line (1,674), and Vietnam’s Reunification Express (1,132).

Since the Orient Express was formally decommissioned in 2009, and the once-renowned carriages turned into hotels, it was not included in these rankings. The Orient Express is perhaps best known for being the setting of Agatha Christie’s 1934 Murder on the Orient Express, with many travellers and budding detectives wanting to pay homage to the journey. This luxurious train has a total of 86,916 hashtagged posts on Instagram.