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Expected China Tourism Drive to Return of Thailand

A comprehensive new survey of consumers in China’s first tier cities has concluded that 53 percent of respondents would like to travel overseas within this year.

More so, the most popular months for trips abroad for the remainder of the year are August, October and December.

Thailand is one of the most impacted travel markets by Covid-19 in Asia. The country hosted 39,8 million international visitors in 2019 with China accounting for nearly 11 million arrivals.
The expanded Thai tourism, hotel and travel sector contributes between 12-15 percent of GDP to Southeast Asia’s second largest economy.

The newly released China Thailand Travel Sentiment Survey 2020, conducted in mid-April by C9 Hotelworks and Delivering Asia Communications, focused on key demand factors in the country’s reopening of the tourism economy. A strong positive message from the research is that 71 percent of Chinese consumers said they would like to visit Thailand.

Using the China survey as a forecasting tool for the hotel industry, an interesting shift in a segment traditionally leveraged in the mass market is that 83 percent of potential visitors would choose independent travel versus a group tour.