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Anthony Brisacq Anthony Brisacq

Anthony Brisacq Appointed CEO of Leading Yachts of the World

Anthony Brisacq has assumed the role of CEO at Leading Yachts of the World, a new disruptive digital system that that is poised to change guest experiences at hotels and resorts around the world while providing the hospitality industry with a totally new revenue channel.

Essentially, Leading Yachts of the World is a digital ecosystem for the marketing of fully vetted luxury yachts coupled with an intelligence-powered system for yachting agencies and a network of qualified customers using its products via virtual distribution channels in travel market establishments.

Access to these luxury products ‘users club’ is based on a by-invitation subscription-only model reserved for selected travel agencies, five-star hotels and resorts, and to selected suppliers with 120 control points.

The company is owned and powered exclusively by AVA Software, a start-up specialising in new technology applications and digital advertising management.

Leading Yachts of the World, which is set to be a first for Asia’s luxury hospitality and travel industries, is poised for an Asia Pacific launch in first quarter of 2020.

Driven by a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to innovate, Anthony Brisacq is one of the world’s leading experts in the yacht charter industry.