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Hotels Can Increase Operational Efficiency Through a Range of Small-Scale Initiatives

Using this current downtime to prepare future operations for a post-COVID-19 business environment is a must for lodging companies, said GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Ralph Hollister, travel and Tourism analyst, GlobalData, commented, “It has become a necessity for hotel companies to furlough staff, halt expansion plans and impose pay cuts on employees. However, it is important that hotels also incorporate long-term, forward-thinking strategies that address how operational efficiency can be achieved when the impact of COVID-19 lessens.”

Upskilling remaining team members could be invaluable, teaching staff a range of different skills involving different operations within a hotel will increase their skillset, whilst allowing the hotel to fill a range of positions if other staff members are still off work due to COVID-19. This will allow service quality levels to be maintained which is highly beneficial for a hotels image.

Hollister continued by saying: “Companies could also re-evaluate services and policies. Management should take the time to look at where the company has received negative feedback in the past and see if they can rectify it to enhance its reputation for the future.”