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Hermes Airports Announces Summer Flights Schedules

Hermes Airports announced Larnaca and Paphos Airports summer flight schedule with over 10 million seats available on 140 routes, which marks the return to a lot and diverse connections to and from Cyprus.

This summer, 50 airlines are expected to operate flights to/from Larnaca and Paphos airports on 140 routes, including five new ones, from 95 destinations in 38 countries.  Based on the current planning, the summer period shows positive signs, with airlines scheduling a significant number of flights.

Concurrently, this April, passenger traffic recorded a significant improvement reaching 85 percent compared to the corresponding month of 2019. In total, from January 01 until pril 30, the passenger traffic at Larnaca and Paphos airports reached 1.587.337 passengers. The main passenger traffic in April came from the UK, Greece, Germany, Israel, Poland, Austria, and Italy.

New destinations such as Pisa (by Ryanair), Salzburg (by Eurowings), Bern (by Helvetic), Nuremberg (Correndon) and Jeddah (Cyprus Airways), are introduced to/from Cyprus airports.

In addition to these new routes, eight routes are reinstated after two years. More specifically, these include fights from the UK, Norwich (TUI) and Belfast (Jet2) to Paphos, from Denmark, Aalborg (Jet time) to Larnaca, from Norway, Trondheim and Stavanger (SunClass) to Larnaca and flights from Sweden, Norrkoping (Jet time), Orebro and Växjö Kronenberg (Sunclass) all to Larnaca.

easyJet is introducing a new operation from Paris CDG to Larnaca, with two weekly flights. Wizzair is adding operation from London Gatwick to Larnaca with up to 10 weekly flights, whereas the airline is also adding the Larnaca-Cardiff route with two weekly flights. The airline is also introducing the Larnaca-Yerevan with two weekly flights. Eurowings is introducing a new operation from Prague with two weekly flights to Larnaca, whereas it is also adding flights from, Stockholm, Arlanda to Larnaca, with two weekly flights. 

Jet2 is introducing a new operation from Bristol to both Larnaca and Paphos with two weekly flights each. Ryanair is introducing Newcastle to Paphos with two weekly flights. Cyprus Airways is adding the Larnaca-Cairo route.  Correndon is introducing the Larnaka-Dusseldorf route. TUS Airways has added the Larnaca-Paris route.