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Air Malta Air Malta

Air Malta Completed the First Phase of Digital Transformation Journey

Air Malta recently announced a key milestone in their digital transformation journey. The airline successfully launched their new booking and customer experience platform, developed by Branchspace.

Wayne Grixti, chief technology officer, Air Mala, said, “Throughout this year we have implemented various initiatives and projects to revamp our digital ecosystem by leveraging technology to deliver an outstanding user experience when browsing and booking through our website in a digitally secure environment. We are glad that we started reaping the benefits of these changes and we look forward to continue working with Branchspace to seek more innovative solutions that will help us in our journey to personalise our products and services for our customers.”

Branchspace was founded by Michael Huynh in 2011. In its 2021 report, Financial Times published Branchspace among the top third of Europe's fastest growing thousand companies, recognising fast-paced Air Malta, Level 2, SkyParks Business Centre Malta International Airport LQA 4000, Malta.