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Zela Jet and OysterJets Team Up to Provide an Unseen Travel Experience

Just in time before the upcoming summer season, Zela Jet is pleased to bring an affordable private jet to Greece. In cooperation with OysterJets, a Vienna-based private jet operator, the Cessna Citation Mustang easily takes clients from anywhere in Europe to Greece, directly to their destination on any of the iconic islands, and back home. With just the right twist of luxury and style, while preserving excellent value for the price.

The Cessna Citation 510 Mustang has four comfortable high-quality leather seats and provides a superb cabin experience for business travellers, luxury adventurers and families with kids or pets alike. Being the most successful aircraft of the last decade in its class of very light jets, the Mustang performs flights of up to three hours and has a maximum range of 1.700 km. The cost efficiency of the Mustang allows for an affordable private jet experience, with a per-person price not much higher than a Business Class ticket on a commercial flight.

Flying a private jet such as the Mustang comes with more than just comfort. Passengers define their own flexible schedule to fly from or to almost anywhere in Greece. With its powerful jet engines, the aircraft is well-suited for operating on short runways as often found in the smaller airports of the secluded Greek islands. Customers benefit from a bespoke travel solution from A to Z, including airport transfers, special requirements, catering of choice, and a team of local and international travel experts from both Zela Jet and OysterJets available by phone, email, or WhatsApp 24/7 in six different languages.

This strategic agreement between Zela Jet and OysterJets, based on mutual respect and a profound belief in the upcoming Greek market, aims to strengthen tourism as well as Greek entrepreneurship. Bringing a modern and affordable jet of this class to the region on a regular basis throughout the summer is only the first ambitious goal of this collaboration.