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Poland Established Polish Aviation Group

A big milestone for Polish and European aviation market has been reached with four key companies: LOT Polish Airlines, LOTAMS, LS Airport Services and LS Technics. The four entities unified their forces under the same roof as Polish Aviation Group (PGL).

This move starts the integration of aviation sector in Poland and the entire CEE region.

On October 10, these four leading aviation companies were transferred to Polish Aviation Group as in kind assets.
This is a window of opportunity as each company has already achieved to become a profitable and developing entity with potential to take over the role of a regional leader in its sector.

The integration of these companies into PGL, will allow each passenger to be in the hands of one capital group and not several companies which did not share common goals and development strategy.

PGL consolidation will bring the balance of power in the growing aviation market in Europe, as well as positive competitiveness to the services provided by other strong entities on the market. PGL will operate on a similar basis to other aviation groups around the world organised around major airlines.