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Tourism Sector Faces GDP6.2 Billion Loss from International Visitors This Year

The UK’s struggling tourist industry faces another bleak summer with international visitor revenues set to drop by GDP6.2 billion from pre-pandemic levels.

This is another blow for an industry whose economic output for travel fell by 86 percent for travel agents and tour operators, between February and December 2020, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics.

 Visit Britain’s 2021 forecast noted that International tourism for for this year is predicted to be at 28 percent of pre-Covid levels.

 Just two percent more people will come to the UK than in 2020, 11.3 million visitors in total.

Even by the end of of this year, visitors will still not be anything near pre-Covid levels.

The progression of worldwide vaccinations remains the most crucial driver to getting the tourist industry back on track.

 Domestic tourism to reach just 56 percent of 2019 levels this summer. Despite the apparent boom in staycations and countryside glamping holidays, the Visit Britain forecast shows that many people are still opting to stay close to home. Estimates suggest the tourist industry could see GDP51.4 billion in domestic tourism spending this year. This is up 51 percent from 2020, but still at only 56 percent of spending in 2019.

 The forecase concludes, that they do not expect an immediate return to pre-COVID levels of spending in any domestic tourism journey purpose or activity type, although the destination anticipates different recovery rates in different areas; some could see a strong summer while other remain below baseline levels for much longer.