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Cyprus Tourist Arrivals for October Shows Increase

The Cyprus arrivals of tourists reached 391,638 in October of this year, recording an increase of 288,6 percent compared to October 2020 (during which 100,791 arrivals were recorded), and a decrease of 10,3 percent compared to October 2019 (with 436,509 arrivals).

For the period of January – October of this year, arrivals of tourists totalled 1,691,030 compared to 612,975 in the corresponding period of 2020, recording an increase of 175,9 percent, and a decrease of 54,3 percent compared to the period of January – October 2019 (3,697,055 arrivals).

Arrivals from the UK were the main source of tourism for October, with a share of 31,8 percent (124.501) of total arrivals, followed by Russia with 19,6 percent (76.613), Germany with 7,1 percent (27.623), Poland with 4,1 percent (16.154), Greece with 4,0 percent (15.669) and Ukraine with 3,9 percent (15.254).

For a percentage of 87,2 percent of tourists, the purpose of their trip in October  was holidays, for 8,3 percent visiting friends and relatives, and for 4,5 percent for business. Respectively, in October 2020, 81,8 percent of tourists visited Cyprus for holidays, 11,5 percent visited friends or relatives, and 6,6 percent visited Cyprus for business reasons.