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Rudas Baths Rudas Baths

Budapest Historic Baths Magnetise Tourism

From wellness retreats, to relaxing nodes of pleasure or even business travel alike, escapades to one of Budapest’s seven public thermal baths offering a nostalgic glimpse into history, whilst being in close distance proximity of the city centre are looking promising.

The oldest, being the Rudas Baths, features an octagonal room dating to 1550 with one main pool encircled by four smaller ones of varying temperatures.

A 9m dome covers the stone echo chamber embraced by colored beams of light from pieces of stained glass in the ceiling overlook the sulfuric water said to have curative properties.

Alternatively there is the Szechenyi Baths of 1900 known for its grandeur, as one of the largest thermal spas in Europe, and surrounded by an additional 15 smaller pools.