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Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood

Improvement Works at the ‘Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood’ in Cyprus

Larnaka Tourism Board (LTB) and Larnaka Municipality are working towards the gradual creation of clusters in specific areas, as per the new global trend in tourism. As part of this larger plan the first improvement works at the ‘Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood’ were recently presented.

The area in question is made up of two streets located in the old Turkish Cypriot district, which runs parallel to the Piale Pasha coastal street. There are currently nine, active visual artists with workshops in the neighbourhood, including sculptors, ceramists and painters.

Larnaka Municipality and LTB recently carried out improvement works to the area with the aim of attracting more visitors through the strengthening of its authentic character and unique identity. Specifically, urban equipment has been added, such as benches, waste bins, flowerpots, handmade ceramic street signs, and outdoor artworks by the artists active in the neighbourhood. Informative signs have also been installed in key spots, showing a map of the area that highlights the workshops. The improvement works were made with the support of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

These first, subtle aesthetic upgrades mark the beginning of larger works in the area, with plans for the creation of the Artists' Park ‘Mediterranean’, and the paving of the adjacent streets. The contracts for the relevant studies were recently signed for both projects.

Alongside the upgrades to the streets of the art neighbourhood, further upgrades were made to the surrounding area. The older and damaged signs of premises along Piale Pasha Street were replaced to create a neater, more uniform image whilst a study is currently underway for the aesthetic upgrading of the street’s building facades as part of efforts to spruce up its general appearance.

The streets and workshops of the ‘Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood’ are also presented in a 360° virtual tour as part of the ‘Larnaka Cultural Walk’ and can be viewed online via the link:

Larnaka Municipality and LTB have already, successfully carried out improvement works in various areas of Larnaka city, including at Valsamaki Street, for which the two authorities give their heartfelt thanks to the main sponsor, Christos Bros, whose support contributed to the success of the initiative.