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Upgrade of the ‘Taste Cyprus’ Certification Mark

The Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism announced that the website has been updated in Greek and English, in the context of the upgrade of the Cyprus Gastronomy Promotion Pact ‘Taste Cyprus’, a certification mark that confirms and rewards the compliance of certain companies. quality criteria.

The main objectives of the Ministry, within the framework of this certification, are the promotion of the Cypriot wine-gastronomy, the promotion of local products and companies, the quality upgrade of relevant services, the formation of a new gastronomic consciousness and the evolution of Cyprus into a destination of gastronomic experiences.

 The benefits for the participating companies are the acquisition of a reliable and competitive promotion tool, the assurance of the quality of their product and services, the free promotion by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism at national and international level and the receipt of consulting support for the improvement of quality of the services and products offered.

 The Trademark ‘TASTE CYPRUS DELIGHTFUL JOURNEYS’ can certify the following categories of companies operating within the Republic of Cyprus and wishing to become ambassadors of its gastronomic identity:

 1) Restaurants and taverns (both inside and outside hotel businesses)

2) Visitable units for the production of local food products

3) Stores selling local food products.

 Currently, more than 80 companies have been certified, a description of which is available on the website. On this occasion, the Deputy Ministry of Tourism invites other companies that wish and fall into the above categories to apply for the acquisition of the Mark on the page (, a process that does not involve any financial costs, but offers significant benefits as described above.