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Cyprus is the world’s third most popular travel destination according to Bounce Cyprus is the world’s third most popular travel destination according to Bounce

Cyprus is the World’s Third Most Popular Travel Destination

The research conducted by Bounce, analysed Google searches for flights, hotels and vacations over the past 12 months reveals each country’s favourite city break destination.

The Maldives ranks first as the favourite travel destination of nine countries around the world - including the US, France and Finland. Known for its gorgeous beaches, luxurious resorts and virtually year-long summer weather, it’s no surprise that the Maldives is the most popular travel destination in the world.

Malta ranks second, being the favourite travel destination of four countries including the UK and Germany. Malta is home to a number of great hotels and idyllic sandy beaches and offers exciting activities such as rock climbing and scuba diving in the surrounding Mediterranean waters.

New Zealand and Cyprus round off the top three, each being the favourite travel destinations of two countries - itself and Australia. New Zealand attracts millions of tourists each year. Offering attractions such as Lake Wakatipu and Coronet Peak and with 30 percent of land area classified as protected conservation areas, the natural diverse country makes it one of the world’s best places to visit. 

Cyprus is the favourite travel destination of Greece and Poland. Popular for family holidays and honeymooning couples, Cyprus offers famous nightlife and rich cuisine, making it one of the top vacation spots in the world.

Further insights from the research:

  • Miami is the most popular city break destination around the world - with eight countries having the largest amount of interest.
  • When looking at overall Google searches, Las Vegas received the highest amount of city break interest globally with 9,688,000 searches across flights, hotels and vacations.