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Ayia Napa Marina Ayia Napa Marina

Luxurious Superyacht Anchors at Ayia Napa Mariana

The state-of-the-art LANA superyacht, one of the most luxurious superyachts globally, has been anchored at Ayia Napa Marina since November 24, enjoying its pioneering and high-end services.

Having attracted significant attention, the 107-metre superyacht, worth USD200 million, will remain at the marina for a few weeks, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

 Despite the great challenge, the yacht was successfully moored owing to the expertise of the well-trained Ayia Napa Marina staff, who undertook all necessary steps in close cooperation with Caramondani Engineers, who immediately upgraded the power supply to fully meet the needs of the yacht.

 Ayia Napa Marina, as an official port of entry to the Republic of Cyprus, and the only ISO 13687-1 certified marina on the island, offers world-class top-quality services and facilities.  It is worth noting that the marina can safely accommodate 360 yachts (including superyachts) while also providing storage services for 160 boats of up to 10 meters in the Dry Stack and an additional 80 spaces in the boatyard.

 Costas Fitiris, director, Ayia Napa Marina, stated, “Mooring the LANA superyacht posed a great challenge, and it constitutes a step towards the realization of our goals, the most important of which is to earn the trust of luxury yacht owners of such renown, to ensure that Ayia Napa Marina becomes recognized as an international maritime tourism destination.”

 LANA is the second superyacht to be accommodated at Ayia Napa Marina, having also welcomed the Sailing Yacht A (143 metres), which was anchored outside the marina for the second consecutive year. The state-of-the-art marina is expected to become the number one maritime destination in the Eastern Mediterranean, and since February of this year, it can officially accommodate large cruise ships and superyachts.