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Grant Scheme Approved for Quality and Aesthetic Upgrade Projects of Cyprus Beaches

The Cyprus council of ministers, following a proposal by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, approved a grant plan to encourage quality and aesthetic upgrade projects of beaches.

The plan falls within the framework of the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy 2030, as well as  the long-term goals of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for upgrading the tourism product.

 The aim and philosophy of the plan is to provide financial support to municipalities and communities, for the implementation of projects and the purchase of equipment in the direction of the aesthetic upgrade of the beaches of our place.

 Among other things, the plan will support costs for the installation of umbrellas and beach chairs, which are of good quality, uniform, made of natural material (e.g. wood), with natural shades that are in line with the surrounding area, which in colour to be contrary to that of the sea, costs for cleaning / recycling bins, costs for construction and / or renovation of a complex of public toilets, which will be located outside the protection zone of the beach, as well as costs for infrastructure friendly for the disabled.

 The implementation period of the plan extends until November 2022, based on the currently approved budget of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.