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From March 31, City Destinations Alliance is the new name and identity of the organisation formerly known as European Cities Marketing. The rebranding marks a key shift that has been underway for several years, and accelerated by the pandemic, namely that destination leadership involves much more than marketing.

 In a time of division, crisis, and war, it is more important than ever to stand together and to stand up for our shared values and beliefs. As alwaysCity Destinations Alliance is for and by its members – and as an alliance, members are coming together not only around their shared identity as European city destinations, but more importantly, they are coming together to form an alliance that celebrates and empowers the thriving visitor ecosystems and economies, they represent.

 Petra Stušek, president, City Destinations Alliance, said, “As a community of urban tourism professionals and an alliance of more than 115 European city destinations, we are as European as ever, we share the passion and love for urban experiencing and city life in general. As an alliance, our purpose is to improve quality of life in Europe’s cities. We are committed to a sustainable and responsible visitor economy that works for people, place, and planet.”

 Over the last decade, the business of Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) has changed significantly. Whereas most DMOs used to focus narrowly on city marketing and visitor welcome, today’s operations are much more complex and diverse. These times, lead destinations are tasked with ensuring sustainable and responsible practices in the visitor economy, understanding and managing visitor behaviour, facilitating public engagement and ensuring usage of smart applications across the urban landscape, and much more. “With the new brand identity – City Destinations Alliance – we recognise that destination leadership involves so much more than marketing”added Stušek.