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Munich Airport Munich Airport

Global Survey Ranks Munich Airport Among the World’s Top 10 Airports

In passengers’ eyes, Munich Airport is still one of the best airports in the world even after two years of pandemic: At the annual ‘World Airport Awards’ conferred by London-based aviation consultancy Skytrax, the Bavarian air transportation hub was awarded the title of ‘Best Airport in Central Europe’ based on a global passenger survey.

Munich took second place in the Europe-wide ranking. Compared with the rest of the world, Bavaria’s international aviation hub is in seventh place and is thus the only German airport in the world top ten. In addition, passengers chose Hilton Munich Airport as Europe’s best airport hotel for the first time.

Jost Lammers, CEO, Munich Airport, is delighted that passengers hold the airport in such high esteem even in difficult times. Lammers added, “All over our airport, thousands of people are working every day to offer our guests the quality of service and stay of a premium European hub. As the renewed recognition of the airport shows, these efforts are also appreciated by passengers. For us, this is both incentive and motivation to continue our determined rebuilding of airport traffic.”