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Arcadia launches new fragrance Arcadia launches new fragrance

Arcadia Launches New Fragrance to Raise Funds for Noor Dubai Treatment Program

Amna Al Habtoor, founder, Arcadia, and the Noor Dubai Foundation, have announced a collaboration to support the treatment of UAE residents in recognition of World Sight Day, which took place October 14.

The Noor Dubai UAE treatment program, launched in 2016, provides funding for UAE residents with limited financial means, who suffer from critical eye diseases. Since its launch, the program has successfully treated 230 patients from 16 different nationalities.

 As part of the campaign, Arcadia has launched a special limited-edition fragrance titled Unity designed to underscore the sense of havoc and confusion created when losing one of the senses yet being anchored by the others. The bottle features a unique design with all labels and box sleeves written in braille, while the perfume itself is inspired by Noor Dubai’s branding and coloured in a shade of blue. 20 percent of all sale proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

 The collaboration was launched with a series of videos featuring visually impaired individuals who were asked a series of questions about their condition, their heightened senses (smell particularly) and emotions and memories recalled when smelling the Unity fragrance. The videos have been commissioned to create awareness on how visually impaired people lead their day to day lives and with increased reliance on other senses.